Monday, June 21, 2010

summer lovin'

How awesome was it to be a kid on a hot summer day and run through the sprinkler? I think it played out the same for most of us when we were wee. There was so much excitement surrounding the sprinkler, especially its first sighting of the season. And when the water finally did spray out like an elephant’s trunk, we all ran away, just far enough away and around the perimeter that only the tiniest of drops could touch us. We’d run up and stick our toes in the spray, giggling the whole time and then sprint away with mere seconds left before the long legs of water would rain down upon us. And, finally, some brave soul would decide it was time. I vividly remember the feeling of the water first hitting my skin anywhere above my ankles - up the legs and to the tummy and finally drenching my hair which would make me squeal with delight. And then the games began…hiding under it, hopping over it, sitting on it, chasing it…its amazing how entertaining a simple watering device can be.

photo via 13bees

Summer is my favorite season. With so many ways to breathe in fresh air in the summer time and with a cold glass of pink lemonade to keep you cool, it’s no wonder I am always counting down the days to the third season of the year.

Do you celebrate summer? What’s your favourite season?


D&D said...

summer is my favorite. i like to paddle into the bay and just drift and let the sun toast me a bit. i plan on doing that this weekend!

katecreate said...

My favorite season would have to be winter. I love Christmas. I love the decorations and snow and food that everyone eats.