Wednesday, July 14, 2010

simple smiles: i like everything

First of all, how cute is this little girl?! I cannot get over her adorable curls and the way she pumps her little fists!

What a way to start the day! Don’t you think life would be a little bit better if we all woke up feeling this way? If I could wake up and tell myself how great my life is (which, by the way, is pretty great!), I think it might put me in a pretty awesome mood.

I think what I like most about this video is not how my heart melts to see such cuteness but instead it is the amazingly innocent way that little children think. It makes me want to be little again and not have to stress about all the seemingly difficult issues that have to be dealt with on a daily basis. To wake up and be happy about everything in your life, to truly like all the little things and remind yourself how wonderful life is, to really believe that you are lucky to live the life you live; it’s such a gift to have that mentality. It’s the way I wish I thought more often. Thank you to this adorable little girl for reminding me that there are so many fantastic things to like in my life.

I can't imagine many of us jumping up on the bathroom counter and listing all the things we like about our life... but do you have your own daily affirmations? What do you like about your life? What puts you in a good mood to start your day?


Brandi said...

She's so adorable. And I agree: I love all of her affirmations. I might just start doing something like this myself, though minus the fist pumping moves and standing on the countertop.

A Flourishing Perspective said...

Erika and I died laughing when we saw this! She is absolutely adorable and hilariously funny. :)

I agree, little children's innocence is the's all something we can learn from.

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"I like my hair! I like my haircuts!"

"I can do anything good...yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."

So cute!!