Monday, July 5, 2010

sizzle boom bang

I often can’t decide how much I really like fireworks. I tend to “ooh” and “aah” as the beautiful colours sizzle and sparkle and light up the sky but I always come away just a little bit disappointed. There’s something about going to see fireworks that gets me excited…and maybe it’s just the idea of going out with something to celebrate, laying out on a blanket staring up at the dark sky. But when the fireworks are finished in a flash and I’m fighting traffic, I sometimes wonder why I even bothered to come in the first place. One thing I do know for sure is that I can never get a good photo of the fabulous pyrotechnic pulses that seem so artistically planned but chaotic at the same time. With Canada Day and the Fourth of July having just passed, I definitely should have written about this before the two days of celebration…but when holidays and extra days off work come around, I find it hard to buckle down to the computer! However, thanks to Jo-Anna of Bucci Photography who was thinking ahead, these 11 tips from Photojojo for capturing the sparklers in the sky will certainly help for future firework photo success.

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A Flourishing Perspective said...

Thanks for sharing those tips. Even though the 4th is already gone I will definitely remember them for next year! I always have a hard time capturing the real beauty of fireworks. Thanks for the wonderful comment you left...I'm glad you liked the idea.